Best horror movies 2014 you should watch

This year is one of the biggest year for those persons who enjoys horror movies very much because 0n 2014 total 50+ English horror movies released and some of them become very popular and all-time-hit on the world. Those movies are called best horror movies 2014 and they also gross like a new record. After viewing some users review and movies we made a list of 2014 horror movies. So now we can check the list of top horror movie of 2014:



Director: Kevin Greutert

Starring: Mark Webber, Carter, Snook

This film is directed by the director of ‘SAW VI’. It is an awesome film and everybody liked this. This film is depend on a girl’s life story. A girl is become the horror ghost after loss of her legs on a car accident. If you have time you can check this movie it will not be bad. Jessabelle is the no. 5 top horror movie of 2014



Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead

Director: Tommy Wirkola

Starring: Amrita, Jocelyn DeBoer, Carl-Magnus Adner


This movie is the no. 1 top horror movie of 2014 Guys, Do you can remember the movie which is ‘Evil Dead 2’? How was that movie? I think it was great. Now Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead will be one of the biggest movie. This movie can make scared anyone. If you like Zombie movies than you can see this movie. It will not be a bad zombie movie.



The Babadook

Director: Jennifer Kent

Starring: Daniel Henshall , Noah Wiseman, Essie Davis


This movies main actor is a son. The son lived with his mother and his father is dead. After sometime the mother can understand something happening horror all over her. If you want to know what is happened with the mother and son you can buy a ticket for viewing this movie or you can order the movie from online.




Directors: Clif Prowse, Derek Lee

Starring: Baya Rehaz , Derek Lee, Clif Prowse,


Do you like vampires’ movie? If it is ‘yes’ you can properly enjoy the best vampires movie for 2014. This movie is directed by our favorite actor Derek Lee and Clif Prowse. It is one of the biggest horror movie which is directed and acted by two persons. By an encounter of women mysterious affliction happened for two friends. After that some horror things happened and a new world begins. What happened next? To enjoy all of this you need to view this movie.



Dracula Untold

Director: Gary Shore

Starring:Sarah Gadon, Cooper, Luke Evans


It is the no. 1 top horror movie of 2014. After the ‘Afflicted’ vampire movie it is the first and favorite Dracula relevant movie. Using the 1400s mythology a Dracula born. On the dark age of magic and war a tragic love story made and after that a new story starts. On this film the director and writer starts it first time. So you have a chance to see new things on this film.


If you think those top horror movie of 2014 can’t give you proper entertainment, it will be one of the biggest worst decision. So don’t be fraud and you can enjoy the biggest top horror movie of 2014.

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