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Top horror movies 2013

Almost all of us are busy with talking about the most popular films, which will get the most prestigious awards for this year, 2013. Among these amazing films we just talk a little bit about the horror movies. But, often we enjoy horror films and like to enjoy those almost every night. So, this review is about the top horror movies of 2013 that you can collect.

You will find lots of horror movies that will both thrilled and scared you. Some of them made you totally uncomfortable, while some others only frightened you. This article will show the best 10 horror movies of 2013 according to the IDM ratings. So, read the 10 best horror movies and collect which one you like most.

top 10 horror movies 2013

10) ‘V/H/S/2′

Simon Barrett and Adam Wingard have returned again to personify the character of Jason Eisener (bindlestiff with a Shotgun) and Eduardo Sanchez (The Blair Witch). The movie is based on the previous V/H/S film which is the horror anthology footage movie. The movie is reached with 20 minutes mind-melting insane segment that is entitled the “Safe Haven”. Tjahjanto’s has established a setting which is about devilish cult. Though the movie has pretty many impressive effects, but it has a couple of lackluster segments. The film introduces us with the rowdy spirit, where the filmmakers Tjahjanto integrate his new horror idea.

9) “Evil Dead”

This is an awesome and popular movie by Fede Alvarez. Fede Alvarez is the successful filmmaker who gains popularity through his last film “The Cabin in the Woods”. Like his all other films he likes to bring practical effects than using the digital and highly imaginative effects which is gut-churning and horrifying. Though it is praiseworthy but it is not without fault. This is one of the best movies that you can collect and enjoy at night with nightmare feelings.

8) “Escape from Tomorrow”

“Escape from Tomorrow” is a simple but a scary indie flick that portray the wholesome things of under the surface. It is about a middle-class suburban father who has lost his job and went on a vacation with his wife and kids to the Disneyland. Their world of happiness becomes hellish. It is a horrific, jarring movie that represents a psychedelic odyssey.

7) “Magic Magic”

This film has become more popular earlier in this year. It is the one of two films by Sebastian Silva, who has played the main role named Michael Cera. The sinister and wacky performance of Cera makes this film’s disquieting and psychological thriller. Juno Temple plays the mousy part who is introverted Alicia and gets roped with her friend Sara in Chile into a vacation. The vacation becomes a nightmare when her boyfriend starts messing with her head. Her boyfriend is accompanied by one of his obnoxious friends. Is there happened anything wrong with the Alicia? Are they exploiting Alicia’s weaknesses? Are they driving Alicia insane? Buy this and watch what is happening on the fate of Alicia.

6. “Antiviral”

Brandon Cronenberg has been devoted himself as a director with awesome horror movie ‘Antiviral’. The movie based on a fictional story which explores people’s obsession with the famous celebrity. New coming star Caleb Landry Jones has played the part of a virus broker named Syd March. Though he is selling such kind of viruses but he is not even immune to which he is selling. He injects himself with those deadly viruses. Brandon Cronenberg’s ‘Antiviral’ can be compared with his father’s (David Cronenberg) unnerving horror work.

5. “Simon Killer”

‘Simon Killer’ is the greatest creation of Antonio Campos. Brady Corbet plays the role of Simon who heads off to the Paris for vacation. When she changes as a prostitute her dark past sting him around the edges. Campos gradually build the dreadful situation. He has contemplated on the women’s character with stark cinematography.

4. “Sightseers”

Ben Wheatley, the British director is a man full of surprises. This year he has returned with a bleak horror movie. The writer of this dark horror comedy is Steve Oram and Alice Lowe. Tina and Chris are playing main roles in this movie. Tina, who lives with her mom meets with Chris and fall in love at their first meeting. Chrish invites Tina for a holiday vacation. Though their vacation was pleasure, but it becomes into a nightmare for their fault.

3. “The Conjuring”

“The Conjuring” is one of the most winning horror movie of the year. Though James Wan’s films don’t work, but his interesting voices make this horror film more interesting. It is without any question the best movies of this year. The film represents a couple named Ed and Lorraine Warren who have gone for a paranormal investigation. They are going to investigate a terrifying case in order to help a family. So, buy this movie and see what happened at the fate of that family.

2. “You’re Next”

May be this movie would take place in our list before two years, but it has been delayed by the Lionsgate. Though, the movie has been released in theater this August, but it was overshadowed by other movies. ‘You’re Next’ is an inventive film that was made by the team Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett. It pictured a group of mysterious masked killers who have attacked a family at the time of a wedding anniversary celebration. Unfortunately, a guest has caught all the killers with his some surprising survival skills. It is a horror thriller movie that receives greater attention of the spectators. Really, it is an awesome movie that you can keep in your buying list.

  1. “Stoker”

Park Chan-wook’s debut in English film successfully. Mia Wasikowska is a young woman whose father has been dying and leave her alone. Her unstable mother and mysterious uncle Charlie create a horrific situation in her life. Park’s ‘stoker’ has gained popularity as ‘Oldboy” at the same year.

Here is the list of top 10 horror movies of 2013. You can buy and download these movies from here.So Buy and watch horror movies unlimited. Really, these are astonishing and horrific but enjoyable.

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