Frozen The movie of magical touch

Frozen the  movie recent released animated movie. It is directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee. The back stage voice was given by Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, Jonathan Groff and Josh Gad. This movie released in 27th November 2013 and also achieved the heartiest love of the animation movie lovers.

frozen movie review

Story in short: The two princes Elsa and Ana from Arendel kingdom. They have good and lovely relation between them. Elsa is elder then Ana. Ana loves to play with her elder sister Elsa. Elsa has the magical power to freeze any element by touching it. Elsa loves to create white snowman by her own hand touch. And by her magical power she creates Wolafa, the snowman. And Ana loves to play with Wolfa. Elsa also enjoyed it. To give pleasure to Ana, Elsa loves to do more enjoyable magic’s.

But Irony of the situation! Could it all go so nicely and quietly? Still, at the beginning of the movie? There must have any accident or risky situation to have the tragedy of that movie. And so Elasa accidentally hit her younger sister Ana and make her frozen. King – Queen ran out, and claims that Elsa and her magical power were responsible for this accident. To cure Ana the physician erase all the memory of the past from her brain. And also she was arrested in the palace. Elsa was punished to lead a prisoner’s life until she controls her magical power. Not only that she also forbidden to communicate with Ana. Ana everyday come to meet with her elder sister but can’t enter in the room. And thus the story continues. But some while later the king and queen died. There was none to rule the country. The two sisters became orphan. Now its Elsa’s duty to take the charge to rule the state. But is it possible for Elsa to come publicly with her magical power?

The Coronation day initiates all the bad events. The problems begin when Elsa take the oath as the queen of that state. The entire Tenant comes to wish the new queen. The palace was full with Smiles – happy environment. But after some time the environment become horrendous. All the elements become frozen. Elsa leaves the palace and come to the Hilltop to suicide. But Ana start her mission to save her lovely elder sister. The presentation of these types sequences were really awesome. No more for now. If you watch the movie you will get more pleasure.

In this frozen animated movie you will enjoyed the greatest visual effects. The best enjoyable character was the Wolf and also the Christoffer Raindiyar. The awesome lovely relationship of the two sisters was also great. And the romantic sequence of Ana was also awesome. The songs of this movie were also nice and enjoyable. Song Lyrics and tunes are stunningly beautiful

So don’t be late to watch the movie. Specially the animation movie lovers, it will be a great mistake if you don’t watch this frozen the movie which make you awesome.

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