“Gravity the movie”- that wins the heart of the movie lovers

The “Gravity” has won Oscar in 7 categories. This movie is directed by Alfenso quaren and acted by sandra bulok and Zeorz cluni. This movie has owned the best cinematography award, the best film editing award the best original score award, the best sound editing award and the best visual effects award. Everyone predict that this movie will won Oscar. But in 7 categories! this is really incredible. Someone told that the story of this movie only surrounds the space scenes. But it is also true that there is also the effect of the excellence of the director. Alfenso queron has selected as best director for this movie.

Gravity movie rating:

A story less movie can win the Oscar, this is really amazing. And surprising to the movie lovers. But there is also some special reasons to win the Oscar of this movie. Lets talk about the reasons. In IMDb 312,370 user rating is 8.2. gravity movie ratingGravity movie rating shows the popularity of this movie

The story of this movie is the returning movement to earth by the astronaut. His whole team was crushed by the space storm but he is the only one that returns to the earth by luck. This is an ordinary story. There are lots of films made on the basis of this type story.

So now the question arises what is the specialty of this movie. And why it gains Oscar?

The only specialty of this movie is the movie making. Not the story. So any one who finds story of this movie has disappointed. Those who have watched this movie can realize the real feelings to being an astronaut. To enrich these feelings the movie has been released in 3D technology. The video editing of this movie is also awesome. The visual effects and the sound quality have keep a good effect to the movie watchers.

Cinematography of the movie is so great that the space is so lively in the movie. How does the astronaut work in the space? How they fight with the risky situations? These facts have shown clearly in the movie. We all know about the risk and the zero gravity of the space. But after watching this movie you will realize that your knowledge was really poor about the space factors. We think it will end up knowing full movie. And here is the consummation of the movie.

There are also some lakes of this unprecedented movie. Example: The satellites of various countries keep a certain distance in the space. but in the movie you will see they are more nearer to each other. And the other is the women astronauts wear sexy sportswear under the space suit. In the movie you will see that the deboriz space storm hit the rashan space shuttle from the behind. But if you notice carefully you will see the maximum part of the deboriz storm hit the space shuttle from the bottom.

gravity movie preview

However, after this entire movie has made a great impact to the movie viewers and you will learn many new technologies from this movie. Keep watching!

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