The real movie spots which are showed in a film

For the story and its broadening scenes of various location are shot. The directors change the look of the spot by decorating. If we can see the location in real which are showed in a film what will be the feelings? Most of the people may have this type of thought. One of them is Khristofer Molone. He is a Canadian photographer and film lover. He did an interesting job. He found out the shooting location by watching the films and created a photo series named ‘filmography’. He had to visit New york, Rome,Ho Chi Min etc and also many other places in the world.The photos are exhibited inthe whole world. The photos are admired a lot. Besides the photos are exhibited in Kan and many other film festival.You also can see the amazing photos of the photography at a glance.

catch me if you can
Catch me if you can

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