Best horror movies 2014 you should watch

This year is one of the biggest year for those persons who enjoys horror movies very much because 0n 2014 total 50+ English horror movies released and some of them become very popular and all-time-hit on the world. Those movies are called best horror movies 2014 and they also gross like a new record. After viewing some users review and movies we made a list of 2014 horror movies. So now we can check the list of top horror movie of 2014:



Director: Kevin Greutert

Starring: Mark Webber, Carter, Snook

This film is directed by the director of ‘SAW VI’. It is an awesome film and everybody liked this. This film is depend on a girl’s life story. A girl is become the horror ghost after loss of her legs on a car accident. If you have time you can check this movie it will not be bad. Jessabelle is the no. 5 top horror movie of 2014

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