Top 10 extolled movies of Bollywood-2013

Top 10 movies of Bollywood-2013 Overview

Every year some movies gained the good expression of the critic body for the best script and also the best acting of the actors. Though these movies cannot gain success at the box office, they are acclaimed the critic body. Among these kinds of movies the top 10 of them are given below:

Top 10 extolled movies of Bollywood-2013

LunchBox: Scripted by RiteshBatra, here he focused on the story of a widow Hindu man. That man fall in love with an unknown woman. He got a letter from that woman by the lunchbox he carried to the office. Actually the woman send that letter to her husband who also worked on that office and erroneously the letter send to that widowed man. After understanding the mistakes the woman sends another letter to the widowed and say sorry to him. Mainly the love story arises by the exchange of the luncbox between them, and this extraordinary love story enhanced by that film.

Ship of Theseus:Through this movie, the human individuality, change and death issues have been highlighted. It has added a new dimension to the film society. Human responsibility towards society – duties, issue of peace and humanity has highlighted through the life of a photographer, sick priests and a broker.

Shahid: Here the life story of a lawyer- social worker ShahidAzmee have been highlighted, who killed in 2010 at Mumbai. Director Hasnal Mehta captured the whole reality of the political and social condition of India through this movie. Hasnal was attacked by Shiv-Sena when he first released the movie “DilpeMaat le Yaar”. He also showed that condition in a scene of “Shahid”. The critic body was amused by the acting of Raj Kumar Yadav in the movie “Shahid”.

Bombay Talkies: It is made to give tribute to Indian film society for the 100 years going. It consists of 4 short-length movie. These are made by AnuragKashyaf, DibakarBanarjee, JoyaAkhter, and Kara Joharrespedtively. This movie admires the jury board for the story and the sequences.

B.A Pass: The story surrounds the sexuality and the fraud. A college student of a town is the main character of that movie. In the movie,the boy met with a woman in several parties in different times. And at last the boy fell in love with that woman, though she was elder than he. This is the main theme of that movie and it acclaim the critic body for the acting skill of that boy.

Jolly L.L.B:This film depicts on the controversial of sanjeev Nanda at 1999 and the background of that case. Ordinary people to seek justice and the impartiality are the main subject of that movie.

Lootera:Written in 1907, o’Henry short story “The Last Leaf” is an adaptation of the film. The film has a broad background in the early 1950s. The film adaptation of the romantic saga has been widely acclaimed and also amused the critic body. It was directed by BikramadityaMatwani.

Kai-Po-Che:This move made on the basis of the novel “three mistakes of my life”byChetanVagat. The main character holed by ShusantShing Rajput, RajkumarYadav, and AmitSadh. Communal and political violence can distract the love and affection is the main theme of that movie. It established the thought of secularism.

Special 26:This movie based on the robbery that committed at 19th march 1987. This movie considered as one of the best movie in Bollywood.

D-Day:This movie directed by Nikhil Advani, It highlighted the story of secret operation of the Indian detective agencies. This movie showed the relation between the detective agency and the terrorist organization “D company”. This movie considered as one of the controversial movie in this time at India.

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