Top 5 Science fiction movies of 2013

Top 5 Science fiction movies of 2013

The science fiction movies always create a different attraction to the movie viewers. In 2013 Hollywood makes some affectionate science fiction movies. Let’s take a look on the top 5 science fiction movies of 2013 that make a better impact to the movie lovers.This science fiction movies help you to know in short about Hollywood Top Science fiction movies of 2013


This movie was acted by famous actor of “Pitch Black” and “Cronicle of Riddick” Vin Diesel. In the movie Vin diesel was a dangerous anti-hero riddick, and fugitive defendant. Who has become the killing target of all the bounty hunter? But VIN wanted to survive in the earth at any cost.

World War Z:

Zerry Lein, the retired officer of United Nation. He used to lead a happy and calm life with his family and also did some minor work. One day in New York City are infected with incessant zombi. Not only infected but also they destroy many country in a few time difference. The world becomes so much harmful for the mankind. There were no ways to get reiliefe from this zombi. Zerry started to visit the whole world to find out the solution of this problem. He started the world war Z against the Zombi.

Here Brade Pitt acted as Zerry Lain. Here you will also find the son of Brade in a character.


In the year of 2054, the toxicity level of the earth has reach as so high that it becomes so difficult to survive for the human.The environment has become so bad that it is hard to find out any Beautiful wetlands or any plummy field. The world’s wealthiest people live in the wilds of the man-made space station where the poor people live in the dirty earth. Matt Demon was the person who took the initiative to bring back the balance on earths into space. Would he able to restore the balance again?


The story of this movie was in the year of 2077, after discovering the stories of Alien and nuclear war. There were a few people who had to survive in this destroyed world. When the aliens destroyed the Moon, those people fixed their target to the Titan. They started to shift the earth to titan through a spacecraft called “Tate”. All operations are involved in the control of ‘Sally’ starring ‘Melissa Leo’. It will need a huge amount of power to survive in the Titan. To maintain these works there are involved some drones and some technicians. Tom Cruze casts as the character of jack. The aliens got tensed of this kind of activities of human. When Jack and Vickie mission on earth is about to end, then “Julia” caste by Wolga Kurilenko came from the spacecraft. Started to change many things. Past, Present and future. The war against the alien continued. But who will be the winner, watch the movie to know it.

Iron Man 3:

Marble Comics adaptation is the story of the movie. If you have watched the previous to parts of the sequel, you will get more pleasure. Like every previous part the starting of this movie was amazing. Have fun seeing each gimmick, because the movie shows some unpredictable actions. Many people think that Tony starkake as a superhero but in this movie, they will see him again, as well as technician.

So these are the top 5 science fiction movie of 2013. Must watch to get the amazing feelings of imaginary world.

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